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At Integrated Technology, we provide the highest quality CNC laser marking, passivation, micro-welding, pad printing, 3D printing, and more! We also give you the answers to the questions we get most often.

What is the typical lead time?

Lead time depends on the number of parts, but you can usually count on one to three days for passivation. Laser marking is usually three to five days, and laser welding is usually four to six days, but a first-time run for either of these will usually take one to two days longer.

How do I expedite an order?

To expedite your order, email, or call  763.633.1330

What type of artwork should I send with my order and or quote?

For basic part marking, such as text, we can work with PDFs or a blueprint. But, to request a logo or more extensive part marking, please send an .AI, .CDR or .DXF file.

How do I request that my order be picked up on your truck?

On your quote, there will be a rate for our truck (if you decide to use it). This is a per-stop charge. If you want us to pick up your order, email with a PO and let us know. In your email, please include the number and size of containers we will be picking up, so we can plan accordingly. Same-day pick-up is available if you let us know by 10:00 AM that day.

What specifications do you offer for passivation?

We can certify to most specifications and offer

  • Citric Passivate
  • Nitric Passivate
  • Nitric with Sodium Dichromate

Find out more about our passivation services.

How large of a part can you Laser Mark?

Thanks to our robotic laser marking capabilities, we have a size capability of approximately six feet. Learn more about our laser capabilities.

Do you have anyone available for a consultation visit at your facility?

Yes. Brian Pramann, our Integrated Technology Salesperson, has extensive experience with our processes and will be more than happy to meet and speak with you about your specific questions. Call  763.633.1330

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