Laser Ablation Saves You Time & Money

Laser Cleaning is Precise and Highly Controllable

Laser ablation is a subtractive machining method of cleaning. This high-throughput process consistently cleans parts with no surface contamination or degradation. A laser beam essentially vaporizes material with incredible precision. We have total control of the cleaning process by matching laser types to specific applications. We can adjust pulse length, wavelength, and intensity as necessary to remove surface contaminants or coatings while controlling the effect on the specific material surface. 

Laser Ablation Is Fast And Repeatable

Laser Cleaning is a High-Speed &High-Productivity Process

Faster and more consistent than traditional cleaning methods

Even faster cleaning is realized with customization of the laser parameters to best match specific application

Match cleaning capacity to manufacturing load and minimize cycle times

Laser Ablation Is a Greener Option For Cleaning Your Parts

It eliminates the need for abrasive grits and chemicals, drastically reducing solid waste and toxic waste to meet OSHA & EPA regulations. In addition, laser ablation eliminates chemical consumables and subsequent expensive disposal of hazardous materials. This saves you money!

Laser Ablation Is Ideal For Nanomaterials

Because laser ablation’s noncontact method does not change the material’s structure or damage its surface with abrasion or heat, it is beneficial for machining nanomaterials. A nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter. That’s 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair! Nanomaterials have at least one dimension that is less than approximately 100 nanometers. Most nanoscale materials are too small to be seen with the naked eye and even with conventional lab microscopes.

Other Applications for Laser Ablation

  • Surface Preparation
  • Paint Stripping/Removal
  • Oil & Grease Removal
  • Cleaning of molds
  • Post-Weld Cleaning
  • Part Cleaning for Repair
  • Rust & Oxidation Removal


One example is that of powder coating removal of build-up from the plugged holes of parts. Before discovering our technology, the customer was scraping the powder coating from the parts with a sharp edged tool; a time consuming, imprecise process. 

Laser Masking & Ablation

Integrated Technology: On the Cutting Edge of Laser Technology for Over 20 Years

At Integrated Technology we utilize our lasers for ablation of various coatings. Often this helps our customers reduce costs, lead time, and common hand-masking quality issues. To save time and money on your machined parts, you can count on Integrated Technology, Inc.

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